Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thank you! (For entertaining me on my road trip)

The "Chat With Me" post was SUPER fun! Did you guys like it? I loved it. I was definitely not expecting so many people to join in! It ended with 145 comments. Thank you guys SOOO much! I loved learning more about you and hearing your fun and hilarious stories. Some highlights were:

  • The question game started by Maddie
  • Delightful conversations about gummy bears
  • Kathryn thinking of describing each other as book characters
  • Several people freaking out over bands
  • Lots of people wishing me a happy birthday. (It's tomorrow.)
Thanks again to all who participated! It was quite fun. Sorry if I didn't answer some of your comments. It was kind of overwhelming. I should do it again sometime anyway. :) Would you guys like that?

P.S: Don't forget your entry for my 20 follower contest! The theme is Sky! Entries are due: July 2nd


  1. That question game was super fun. :)
    And gummy bears are awesome. AWESOME. I tell you.
    I'm guessing I was one of the people freaking out over bands? I probably was. XD
    And once again, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY present!
    I very much enjoyed that post. :) I'd love to see it again!

    1. Yep. You and Maddie. ;) Thanks so much! I was born at 1:59 AM, so 4 and a half hours to go!

  2. I wish I hadn't missed out on that, it sounds like it was loads of fun! Happy almost-birthday, I hope it is awesome! :)

    1. Aww. I'll try and do one again soon, so that you can join in! Thanks! 4 and a half hours to go!

  3. It would be fun to do that again. It's just hard to be there at the right time.
    Gummy bears are fabulous!
    Happy early birthday

    1. Yeah when people do livestreams on YouTube I always miss it.
      Gummy bears are beyond fabulous.
      Thanks Gwen!

    *Sends you cake, ice cream, and hugs* :)


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