Friday, June 5, 2015


I made a little mistake. So, my Dad was coming to pick me and my brother up to go to his house for the weekend, and we were just coming home from the lake. I hadn't packed my stuff yet, so I literally sprinted upstairs, grabbed my bag, and threw some clothes in. Long story short, I didn't have time to get my computer or my dolls. So... I can't use my dolls, and I can't post pictures. I'm really sorry! Going with my dad is a pretty tough time as he doesn't approve of my dolls. Overall it's just really hard to work up the courage to face him with my dolls, let alone make him even angrier as he waits for me to pack my stuff. (He won't let me keep clothes at his house so I have to pack a suitcase every weekend.) Again, I'm really sorry and I hope you will understand.



  1. It is totally fine I understand you are having a hard time.

    1. Thanks so much for understanding! It means a lot.

  2. ☺ Your welcome! I have been in the same is hard!

  3. Don't worry about it Tenley. There never should be any pressure to post and there's really no point in making your dad angry by bringing your dolls to his house just for a photo shoot or something.
    After all, it's only for two days!

  4. Don't worry. Have a good weekend!


  5. No worries! This is your blog, we don't expect you to post everyday! I hope you have a good time and don't get discouraged about your dad disapproving of your dolls, hopefully he will come around. You have our support!

    1. Thank you so much PDB! That was a really inspiring comment. :)


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