Tuesday, June 16, 2015

World Doll Day Tag (Which is more of a wishlist tag to me.)

Kathryn at Hobbits and Hippogriffs, (Who is awesome btw) tagged me for the World Doll Day tag, which is really more of a wishlist tag. Usually I wait out doing tags for weeks because they're so time consuming, but this one is super simple.

Rules (Or instructions)
1.List 3 favorite dolls from last year.
2.List 3 dolls on your wishlist.
3.Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

Dolls I Got Last Year
1. Kit

Kit is such a cute doll! With her bob hair style and freckled-nose, she's just so adorable! She'd be really mad if she caught me calling her adorable, but it's the truth! I bought her with my own money March of last year.


Ruthie is lovely beyond words. She needs a flower crown so she can be queen of springtime, don't you think? He he he... Lands Of Lorvias may be getting a new character. I really want to make this girl a flower crown. She needs it. I got Ruthie last year, shortly after Kit. She was about to retire, but I just spent all my money on Kit! We were even going to an AG store the following week, so I figured it'd be torture! And it was! They didn't have any Ruthie dolls left! Thankfully, my mom stepped in and graciously bought me Ruthie off Amazon. (Or was it Ebay?)


Now I have something to confess... Izzy is NOT my favorite doll. She struck me as plain, and rather unoriginal. However, she is growing on me and I believe as her personality develops I will like her much more. I got her Christmas last year.

Note: I know 3 AG dolls in one year is A LOT, and I am extremely grateful. Please keep in mind that I am not spoiled, though I am quite lucky.

Dolls on my wishlist

1. TM #55

I keep seeing beautiful photos of this gorgeous doll, and now I just want her so much! I also really want a MAG/TM doll, because I have all historicals and GOTY's! I think if I had her I'd name her... something nature-related. And she'd be a fangirl. And she'd play an instrument of some kind.

2. #? TM doll with red wavy hair

Sorry I don't know her number, but she is so pretty! I love her eyes, and her hair... all of her! I'm really loving that wavy hair. I feel like if I had her I would end up making her Irish. ;P She also strikes me as an artist...

3. TM #? doll with dark skin and curly hair

I don't know her number either. I really need a dark/medium skinned doll, but I'm not sure if I'd want this girl, she is cute though. I'm just not really loving her. I also like #44, who is very similar to her.

Basically I want a TM/MAG doll, either choice 1 or 2.

I Tag:

Alone In Doll World
Dolls On My Mind
Everything AG

Sorry I could only think of 3 people, but if you want to be tagged, feel free to ask. Also, if I tagged you and you don't want to do this, you don't have to, but it only takes like 10 minutes. Guess that's all, have a nice day!


  1. OK, thanks! I'll try and get it up later today! :)

  2. Congrats on the tag! It seems fun! :)

    P.S. the redhead is #61, and I think the other one is #46!

  3. I want to be nominated! It sound so fun!

  4. I want MAG/TM #55 too! I love Kit! I also have her and it's super easy to take care of her hair!

  5. yep, like kaitlyn said, the redhead is #61 and the one with the wicked cute curls is #46. :)
    thanks so much for tagging me, i only realized you tagged me now, so i'll go update my post i did for this and add in that you tagged me as well. ;)

    oh, and i wish you the best of luck getting #55 and/or #61! they're both such gorgeous dolls, and emery and archer are my two favorite dolls i have (and they're #55 and #61).


    1. Thanks for telling me. ;)
      That's alright. You don't need to update it. The curls are cute, but I think I'd prefer Indie. (What # is she?)


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