Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Too Old For Toys ~ A Photostory

Hey guys!
I got a photostory done today! Woop Woop! It's called "Not Too Old For Toys" Here it is!

Molly was busy playing with her Minecraft Mini-Figures when Isabelle entered the room.

"WHAT are you DOING?" Isabelle gasped as she walked in. "Just playing with my toys," Molly smiled, "Care to join me?" "No! Toys are for kids! You're 11 and, and... I'm 13!" "So?" Molly asked. "We can still play! Gee wiz Isabelle. Calm down!" Isabelle sighed, "I do kind of want to play..." "Well then come on over!" Molly said, grinning and patting the ground next to her. "Okay..." Isabelle said shyly.

"Here Izzy, we'll divide them up. I'll pick one, you pick one, got it?" "Mmhm" Isabelle said.

Isabelle: I guess I'll pick the cat..
Molly: I get the dog!
Isabelle: Ooh... I want the horse!
Molly: I want the other horse!
Isabelle: I'll pick the... Is this a snowman?
Molly: It's a Snow Golem... I'll get Steve with a pickaxe!
Isabelle: Steve?
Molly: Yep, that's the little guy's name.
Isabelle: Oh... Well then I pick this guy with the sword! What's his name? Fred?
Molly: Nope. Also Steve. I pick the sheep. 
Isabelle: Er... Okay? I guess I'll get the pig.
Molly: I call the Electrified Creeper!
Isabelle: What in the world is that?

In the end Isabelle had a cat, a horse, a Steve with golden armor,  a Snow Golem,  and a pig. 

And Molly had a horse, a dog, a Steve, a sheep, and an Electrified Creeper!

"Now what?" Isabelle asked. "We PLAY!" Molly shouted before erupting into a fit of giggles.

"Hello!" Molly said, holding up her mini-figure. "My name is Steve!"

"Uh.. Hi!" Isabelle said, trying not to smile. "My name is... also Steve!"

So, the moral of this story? Don't be afraid to play, no matter how old you are. 
I hope you enjoyed this photostory! Leave your thoughts in the comments! And don't forget to keep on playing! 

Until next time,

Inspiration for this post comes from: This post that Happy House Of AG did, and the Ben Franklin quote, "For we do not stop playing because we grow old, but grow old because we stop playing.".


  1. Awww, I love this story. : )

    Random fact of the day: I have never played Minecraft

    1. Thanks!
      I have, I used to be OBSESSED with it! Now, I'll play it every once in a while, but not much. Like once a week or something like that.

  2. This story was so cute! :) it's perf. :)

  3. So cute! I was just playing Minecraft on my phone a few minutes ago. It's fun, but also annoying if someone in your family *coughcoughJocoucough* is obsessed with it. xD

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Ha ha! What a coincidence! Yeah that can be annoying!

  4. This is so cute!!! I LOVE Minecraft!!!!!! What kind do you play? (Xbox, PC, or PE)


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