Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OOTD (Sorta)

How ya' doin'? Good? Good.
Today I thought I'd do an Outfit Of The Day, because Molly looks fabulous in what she's wearing.

She looks sort of French... I should try this outfit on Grace. This outfit consists of: An OG tee, a black skirt from an AG purchase with purchase, a beanie from a Justice outfit, and black bow flats from a local doll clothes maker. It's a very simple outfit, really. Also, I feel you should see Izzy because she looks darling as well.

How cute is that? She's in the "Pretty In Plaid" outfit. It's pretty old... maybe 2012-ish? It's AG, btw. Who do you think looks cuter? Comment down below. I'll post the winner if you'd like, but really I'm just curious who you think looks best. May post again today... don't have much to do. Thanks for reading!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I've only gotten 1 entry for part 2 of my 20 Follower Contest. It was from Bigmac. Did I miss anyone? The entries are due Friday, and if you forgot, the theme is Spooky.


  1. Ooh they both look so cute! I'd have to go with Izzy, though. :)


    1. Thanks! Izzy does look pretty cute! ;)

  2. They look really cute! I love Molly's outfit! :)

  3. loving the classy vibe from molly's outfit. :3
    isabelle looks darling in purple. :)


    1. Thanks. :) Izzy is very cute in purple.


  4. I love Molly's outfit the best.

  5. I wish that there was an outfit exactly like Molly's for humans!

  6. They both look cute, but Iike Molly's best.


  7. Tenley, can you change my username? It was originally BigMac110504, but now it's Evelynn Purple. Sorry for the confusion about my name


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