Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Oh goodness.

I'm so busy right now. Life is simply chaotic.
We just found out we have to be out of our house by this weekend. (We were supposed to have until August!) I guess it's good that our house sold fast but...
I have to pack my dolls up... I'll try and keep 1 out. Who would you like to see?
Our house also isn't built yet, and we might cancel the build, so we'll have to stay in a hotel for a month or so. But- we found an absolutely PERFECT house on 3 acres, but we might not be able to get it. Please pray that we will. Please.
It may be a little hard to post for now... I'm so so sorry if I don't post often. Please understand. And once again, please pray that we will get the house. Thank you.

Bye for now,

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Monday, June 29, 2015


Oh my goodness gracious!
AHHHHHHHWHEYHEVEGRIENSHEJJEBEBEHEJEHRV! *squeals uncontrollably* Guess what I got for my birthday! A 200$ AG GIFTCARD!!!!! AGHHHHHEGWYEVEHEIEHGEHEIEJEBEHE! I'm not trying to brag I'm just... SOOOOOO EXCITED! I either want #61, #55, or #27, which do you guys recommend? I'm just a SOOOO HAPPY right now!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD


Happy Birthday To Me! ^-^

Happy Birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday dear meeeeeeeeee, happy birthday to me!

I most certainly did not sing as I typed that.

Yep... It's my birthday. I'm now 11 years old! Do I feel any different? Uh, no, it's not like a grew a foot over night. The first person to tell me happy birthday was my dog, as I woke up with him wagging his tail and staring at me around 2 AM. Maybe he just needed to go outside, but I'm going with he was telling me happy birthday.

I don't know what else to say... I'm having a friend over and we're going to dinner. Possibly going to see Inside Out afterwards.

I really wanted a new dolly for my birthday, MAG 27, 55, or 61, but I seriously doubt that'll happen.

I honestly don't know why I did this post. Maybe I just wanted more people to know it was my birthday... Anyway...

Bye for now,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thank you! (For entertaining me on my road trip)

The "Chat With Me" post was SUPER fun! Did you guys like it? I loved it. I was definitely not expecting so many people to join in! It ended with 145 comments. Thank you guys SOOO much! I loved learning more about you and hearing your fun and hilarious stories. Some highlights were:

  • The question game started by Maddie
  • Delightful conversations about gummy bears
  • Kathryn thinking of describing each other as book characters
  • Several people freaking out over bands
  • Lots of people wishing me a happy birthday. (It's tomorrow.)
Thanks again to all who participated! It was quite fun. Sorry if I didn't answer some of your comments. It was kind of overwhelming. I should do it again sometime anyway. :) Would you guys like that?

P.S: Don't forget your entry for my 20 follower contest! The theme is Sky! Entries are due: July 2nd

Chat with me!

I'm headed home from my Dad's! It's about a 3 hour drive back from the coast to my Mom's, So, I decided why not do something on my blog? What I'm going to do is... Chat with you! For the next few hours, I will be able to read and publish your comments in under 5 minutes, so feel free to ask me questions, or tell me stories! It's like a YouTube livestream. I may do more posts while I'm in the car. So... Comment away! To get you talking, here's a question: What time is it where you are?

See you in the comments!

Friday, June 26, 2015


I'm very irritated right now. I warn you, do not read further down if you don't want to hear me rant.
Okay so, I'm spending 2 weeks, at a condo at the coast. It has 3 bedrooms, two have queen beds and one has a twin. There are 18 people staying in the condo. There are not enough beds for 18 people. Which means I sleep on the floor with my brothers. I AM NOT HAPPY! Also, I barely know all the people here. It's my dad's wife's family. There are tons of annoying younger cousins plus people who go to bed at like 7:30. I AM A NIGHT OWL, 7:30 IS NOT WHEN I SLEEP! I want to strangle my cousins, they are SO ANNOYING! And, my stepbrother needs to learn to SHUT UP! He makes fun of my dolls and I want to strangle him as well. One moment... ROARBEHEHENEBEHSJEBSHSHBDNDNRJRJRJRJDNDDNBDNDBDBBD

Thank you for hearing me roar.
Sorry if I frightened you. This is my meanest and angriest self.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blog Under Construction

Kathryn from Hobbits And Hippogriffs will be creating a new blog design. (Thank you Kathryn!) So if you see that she is an author of this blog, that is why. I can't wait to see what she does! :D


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not Too Old For Toys ~ A Photostory

Hey guys!
I got a photostory done today! Woop Woop! It's called "Not Too Old For Toys" Here it is!

Molly was busy playing with her Minecraft Mini-Figures when Isabelle entered the room.

"WHAT are you DOING?" Isabelle gasped as she walked in. "Just playing with my toys," Molly smiled, "Care to join me?" "No! Toys are for kids! You're 11 and, and... I'm 13!" "So?" Molly asked. "We can still play! Gee wiz Isabelle. Calm down!" Isabelle sighed, "I do kind of want to play..." "Well then come on over!" Molly said, grinning and patting the ground next to her. "Okay..." Isabelle said shyly.

"Here Izzy, we'll divide them up. I'll pick one, you pick one, got it?" "Mmhm" Isabelle said.

Isabelle: I guess I'll pick the cat..
Molly: I get the dog!
Isabelle: Ooh... I want the horse!
Molly: I want the other horse!
Isabelle: I'll pick the... Is this a snowman?
Molly: It's a Snow Golem... I'll get Steve with a pickaxe!
Isabelle: Steve?
Molly: Yep, that's the little guy's name.
Isabelle: Oh... Well then I pick this guy with the sword! What's his name? Fred?
Molly: Nope. Also Steve. I pick the sheep. 
Isabelle: Er... Okay? I guess I'll get the pig.
Molly: I call the Electrified Creeper!
Isabelle: What in the world is that?

In the end Isabelle had a cat, a horse, a Steve with golden armor,  a Snow Golem,  and a pig. 

And Molly had a horse, a dog, a Steve, a sheep, and an Electrified Creeper!

"Now what?" Isabelle asked. "We PLAY!" Molly shouted before erupting into a fit of giggles.

"Hello!" Molly said, holding up her mini-figure. "My name is Steve!"

"Uh.. Hi!" Isabelle said, trying not to smile. "My name is... also Steve!"

So, the moral of this story? Don't be afraid to play, no matter how old you are. 
I hope you enjoyed this photostory! Leave your thoughts in the comments! And don't forget to keep on playing! 

Until next time,

Inspiration for this post comes from: This post that Happy House Of AG did, and the Ben Franklin quote, "For we do not stop playing because we grow old, but grow old because we stop playing.".

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Plan To Post!

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't been posting lately...
I've been well, busy.
Also, as Gwen The Magnificent once said, my dad needs to mind his own beeswax and turn down the hate meter.
Gwen is awesome.
I plan to post! Really! I have a fun photostory planned for tomorrow!
I'm going to the coast with my Dad Thursday... And of course Molly and Izzy will come with me since they're the only dolls I brought to my Dad's.
I'm posting this from my phone so sorry if it turns out really bad. It's just an apology, really. Also, if I'm not posting on here, be sure to check my other blogs (Wild Among The Flowers and My Life Of Horses And Riding) for more. Hope you understand the lack of posts, but are ready for more!
You guys are amazing.

Your's, Tenley

Challenge 3 (Final Challenge!)

I've decided that since only 4 people (Evelyn Purple, Kathryn, Emma, and Charlotte) have done Challenge 2, that this will be the last challenge of my contest. Good luck to everyone! The scores are pretty even as it is. The theme is: Sky. I came up with that by looking out my window. Anyway, have fun, and good luck again!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rainbows ~ A Photoshoot

Today I bring you a photoshoot with a blonde doll and a rainbow/pink background. *Hides behind pillow fort*

Do you like them? Or are they too girly-confetti for you? Here's the story behind these photos:

I really needed to post something BUT- 
  • My Dad hates my dolls.
  • It is pouring down rain.
  • The wifi signal here is horrible.
So, I opened the windows in my room, picked up a rug, draped it over the side of my bed, grabbed Isabelle who I had hid in the closet, and snapped a few pics with my phone. It worked. More or less...


Saturday, June 20, 2015


Sorry for the All-Caps title. I've noticed something. People are doing their entries, but I never see them! So, here's what I ask of you. 1. Please go and tell me when you post your entry! I don't want to miss it! 2. Please comment on this post and tell me if you did challenge 2. I'm very sorry if I missed your entry. I'm following most of you, but even then I am following so many people, I may not see the post. So, next time, Please let me know when you do your entry! Sorry for any confusion. Feel free to ask any unanswered questions you may have in the comments.

Ya better hurry up with your entries

Okay so, yesterday was the deadline for Challenge 2 in my contest, and I only got 2/11 entries. Last week I gave everyone extra time, unfortunatly I cannot do that again. I will stick to the original rule that every day your entry is late, I will take off 2 points. Hurry and get your entry in before you have a 0! The them is spooky. Sorry for the inconvenience. Bye!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

You Spread Your Sunshine Award

I've decided I'm making my own award. Am I not allowed to do that? If so I don't care, because I'm making this award so that I can bestow it upon those who are truly spreading their sunshine. And that is why I am calling the award the, "You Spread Your Sunshine Award".

Step 1. Place the photo above onto your post.
Step 2. Give the link to the blog of whoever nominated you.
Step 3. Copy and paste these steps onto your post.
Step 4. Answer the following questions.
Step 5. Nominate 3 people who always brighten your day, and explain how they do so.

1. What 1 word describes you best?
2. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're down?
3. Who is someone who has made a big difference in your life, that you should thank?

I Nominate:
Kathryn always has something nice to say, from her inspirational speeches to her cheerful "Lo's",  she's always sure to put a smile on your face.

Gwen will always make you laugh, she's optimistic and funny and will make you giggle till you pass out.

Maddie, at Dolls On My Mind
While Maddie is not cheerful and is certainly not the type of person to skip around singing about lollipops, she's kind and compassionate, and therefore she is spreading her sunshine.

You may be asking why I didn't answer the questions, that's because I don't want to take this award for myself, I made it for others who I know are truly spreading sunshine, so, I will not answer the questions quite yet, however, if one of my nominees finds me worthy of this award I shall accept. Thanks for reading, be sure to keep on spreadin' some sunshine.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

OOTD (Sorta)

How ya' doin'? Good? Good.
Today I thought I'd do an Outfit Of The Day, because Molly looks fabulous in what she's wearing.

She looks sort of French... I should try this outfit on Grace. This outfit consists of: An OG tee, a black skirt from an AG purchase with purchase, a beanie from a Justice outfit, and black bow flats from a local doll clothes maker. It's a very simple outfit, really. Also, I feel you should see Izzy because she looks darling as well.

How cute is that? She's in the "Pretty In Plaid" outfit. It's pretty old... maybe 2012-ish? It's AG, btw. Who do you think looks cuter? Comment down below. I'll post the winner if you'd like, but really I'm just curious who you think looks best. May post again today... don't have much to do. Thanks for reading!

Oh yeah, one more thing, I've only gotten 1 entry for part 2 of my 20 Follower Contest. It was from Bigmac. Did I miss anyone? The entries are due Friday, and if you forgot, the theme is Spooky.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

World Doll Day Tag (Which is more of a wishlist tag to me.)

Kathryn at Hobbits and Hippogriffs, (Who is awesome btw) tagged me for the World Doll Day tag, which is really more of a wishlist tag. Usually I wait out doing tags for weeks because they're so time consuming, but this one is super simple.

Rules (Or instructions)
1.List 3 favorite dolls from last year.
2.List 3 dolls on your wishlist.
3.Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

Dolls I Got Last Year
1. Kit

Kit is such a cute doll! With her bob hair style and freckled-nose, she's just so adorable! She'd be really mad if she caught me calling her adorable, but it's the truth! I bought her with my own money March of last year.


Ruthie is lovely beyond words. She needs a flower crown so she can be queen of springtime, don't you think? He he he... Lands Of Lorvias may be getting a new character. I really want to make this girl a flower crown. She needs it. I got Ruthie last year, shortly after Kit. She was about to retire, but I just spent all my money on Kit! We were even going to an AG store the following week, so I figured it'd be torture! And it was! They didn't have any Ruthie dolls left! Thankfully, my mom stepped in and graciously bought me Ruthie off Amazon. (Or was it Ebay?)


Now I have something to confess... Izzy is NOT my favorite doll. She struck me as plain, and rather unoriginal. However, she is growing on me and I believe as her personality develops I will like her much more. I got her Christmas last year.

Note: I know 3 AG dolls in one year is A LOT, and I am extremely grateful. Please keep in mind that I am not spoiled, though I am quite lucky.

Dolls on my wishlist

1. TM #55

I keep seeing beautiful photos of this gorgeous doll, and now I just want her so much! I also really want a MAG/TM doll, because I have all historicals and GOTY's! I think if I had her I'd name her... something nature-related. And she'd be a fangirl. And she'd play an instrument of some kind.

2. #? TM doll with red wavy hair

Sorry I don't know her number, but she is so pretty! I love her eyes, and her hair... all of her! I'm really loving that wavy hair. I feel like if I had her I would end up making her Irish. ;P She also strikes me as an artist...

3. TM #? doll with dark skin and curly hair

I don't know her number either. I really need a dark/medium skinned doll, but I'm not sure if I'd want this girl, she is cute though. I'm just not really loving her. I also like #44, who is very similar to her.

Basically I want a TM/MAG doll, either choice 1 or 2.

I Tag:

Alone In Doll World
Dolls On My Mind
Everything AG

Sorry I could only think of 3 people, but if you want to be tagged, feel free to ask. Also, if I tagged you and you don't want to do this, you don't have to, but it only takes like 10 minutes. Guess that's all, have a nice day!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Updates... La la la la

Hey people of the blogosphere!
Here's some updates! *Warning: Long and boring but extremely necessary!*

I'm going to my dad's house for 3 weeks, I am bringing Molly and Isabelle. I am trying to get out of going for 3 full weeks, and instead go for 1 week. If I can manage this I MIGHT go to the AG store in Dallas or Houston on my birthday. Posts will be limited, but they will be there. I have 1 entry in for 20 Follower Contest challenge 2.... Don't forget to submit your's soon. That's really all but I'm really flustered with a lot on my mind right now so yeah... Bye.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maybe we can fly? Nope.

Here's another photostory of my dolls with magic powers. Credit for this idea goes to Alone In Doll World.

Kit and Ruthie were sitting outside discussing the previous day, when Saige had begun to make pencils float around.

"So," Kit said, "I think I found out why we can't move things with our minds like Saige can." "Why?" Ruthie asked. "Because that's now our power. I mean, there's tons of other powers... like flying!" "Flying?" Ruthie asked, unconvinced. "Yes flying!" Kit exclaimed, "I'm gonna go try it!" "Kit, wait." Ruthie said, holding out her hand like she was signaling to traffic, but it was too late.

"Here goes nothing!" Kit said as she bravely propelled herself off of the fence. 

"Oof." Kit said as she slammed onto the ground. Guess she can't fly... "Oww... my leg..." She moaned.

"Kit! Are you okay? What's wrong?" Ruthie panicked. "It's... my leg." Kit groaned. 

"Here, let me see." Ruthie said, moving her hand slowly to touch Kit's knee.

When Ruthie touched Kit's knee, it began to glow!  And then... Kit's leg was healed!

"Well I guess we know what YOUR power is." Kit said sitting up, "Oh yeah, and thanks."

Okay so... not my best. But I hope you liked it anyway! Bye!

New Blog!

Don't worry, I'm still posting here!
I've just decided, that since I'm getting more and more into horses and riding, I'd make a blog for it. More details on the blog Here. Please check it out! Enjoy!


Friday, June 12, 2015

My Dolls Have Discovered Telekinesis, via Alone In Doll World.

Always remember to guard your computer from your dolls.

Kit was on my computer, which I had forgotten to install a crocodile infested moat around. She was looking at Alone In Doll World, when she found a particularly interesting post...

"Wow! Ruthie come check this out!" Kit shouted. "What is it?" Ruthie asked. "Gwen's dolls have discovered telekinesis!" "Telekewhatis?" Ruthie questioned. "Telekinesis!" Kit exclaimed, "They can move things with their minds!" "Wow! That's awesome!" Ruthie said, "Let's try it! I'll go get a pencil!" 


So then Ruthie tumbled off the bed, searching the floor before returning with a pencil. 

"Now what?" Ruthie asked as the girls sat surrounding the green pencil. "I guess we just... stare at it." Kit replied. And so Kit and Ruthie stared at the pencil... and stared... and stared...

"Nothing!" The girls shouted, throwing up their hands. (Not like puking up their hands, actually putting them above their heads.)

After proclaiming their frustration, Kit and Ruthie decided that after all this hard work of sitting and staring, they deserved some Oreos. So they left the pencil and went to the kitchen. 

Meanwhile, Saige was passing by and decided to see what was on the computer screen.
"Telekinesis?" She said to herself. "Cool! I'm gonna try it!" Oh look,  there's a pencil!"

"Let's see..." Saige murmured, settling herself down in front of the pencil.

"Aha!" She shouted in triumph as the pencil began to float around in mid-air.

Then Kit and Ruthie entered the room. Seeing that Saige had so easily succeeded in doing what they had relentlessly worked on for hours with no such progress, they promptly shouted, "GET HER! CHARGE!" And this resulted in me finding the following scene as I entered the room.

Ha ha ha. I hope you enjoyed this post. It was very different from what I normally do. Do you want to see more posts like it? Let me know in the comments! Bye!